IBM Blade Server Support and Installation
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IBM Blade Server Support and Installation


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This document details additional instructions on how to install PGP Universal Server on an IBM Blade Server.

Due to a known bug, you cannot use a physical CD-ROM to install PGP Universal Server on a blade in the IBM BladeCenter HS21. If you insert the PGP Universal Server installation CD into the IBM BladeCenter CD drive, a prompt appears, asking you to choose an installation method. This means the server cannot read the CD.




Install PGP Universal Server

When installing PGP Universal Server on an IBM Blade Server, use virtual CD installation.

Please use the following steps to install the PGP Universal Server.


  1. Save the PGP Universal Server installation file to your computer.
  2. From your computer, open a browser to the browser-based management console for the Advanced Management Module of the IBM BladeCenter Chassis. The management console allows access to all the blades in the server.
  3. Log in to the management console. The BladeCenter Advanced Management Module page appears.
  4. Choose no timeout as the inactive session timeout value.
  5. Click Start New Session. The System Status Summary page appears.
  6. From the left side of the screen, click Blade Tasks>Remote Control. The Remote Control status page appears.
  7. Click Start Remote Control. The Remote Control opens. There are two sections to the page, Remote Disk and Remote Console.
  8. From the Remote Disk section, set Media Tray to None.
  9. Select Chassis KVM Owner from the Mount Remote Media menu.
  10. From Available Resources, select Select Image and click the right arrow. The Browse dialog appears.
  11. Browse to find and select the installation image you saved to your computer. The installation image appears in the Selected Resources box. The image should be the only file in the box.
  12. Click Mount All.
  13. From the Remote Console section, select the blade from the KVM menu onto which you want to install PGP Universal Server.
  14. Restart the blade. Make sure that the blade reboots from the virtual CD-ROM.
  15. The installation screen appears. Follow the installation instructions as described in the PGP Universal Server Administrator's Guide.
Caution: During installation, enter IP and network information for the blade onto which you're installing PGP Universal Server, not the IP for the chassis as a whole.