Using PGP Desktop with multiple Citrix Servers
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Using PGP Desktop with multiple Citrix Servers


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This article details additonal information when using PGP Desktop to connect to multiple Citrix Servers.


This document describes solutions for Universal Server managed PGP Desktop clients when connecting to multiple Citrix Servers. After successfully enrolling PGP Desktop, the client may be prompted to enroll with the Universal Server a second time due to connecting to a different Citrix Server.

Please review the solutions below for solutions when connecting to multiple Citrix Servers.


Enabling PGP Desktop in a multiple Citrix & Terminal Server Environments

Implement Roaming Profiles for user accounts

Roaming Profiles may be implemented utilizing one of the options below.

User profile path:

  • Since the PGP preferences are stored in the user's profile, confirm on the user properties Profile tab that the user's profile in Active Directory has been set to use a Roaming Profile. The user's Roaming Profile will be utilized on the terminal server and local PC.

    For more information on Roaming Profiles, please see the following link on Microsoft Technet. Configuring Roaming User Profiles.

Terminal Server profile path:

  • If using a Local Profile for users is preferred, you may also assign the user a Terminal Services User Profile path. When only the Profile Path on the Terminal Services Profile is configured, the user will use a Local Profile on all clients and use a Roaming Profile for all terminal server sessions.

    For more information on Terminal Server Profile Paths, please see the following link on Microsoft Technet. Changing User profile paths for Terminal Server.

Group Policy folder exclusions


  • If a Group Policy has been created to exclude certain directories from the user's Roaming Profile to save login time, please confirm that the C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\PGP Corporation folder is not included with the excluded folders in the Roaming Profile.


Folder Redirection

It is recommended to use the Group Policy feature Folder Redirection on Terminal/Citrix Servers to redirect the users My Documents folder to a central network drive. This setting speeds up the login process and maintains consistency of the users PGP Keyring files.