Search for PGP Keys using Symantec Encryption Desktop
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Search for PGP Keys using Symantec Encryption Desktop


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This article describes how to search for keys using Symantec Encryption Desktop.



This answer describes the process and options for searching for PGP Keys using Symantec Encryption Desktop.


Searching for PGP Keys (Key Search)


The Key Search feature within Symantec Encryption Desktop assists you in locating keys on your local machine, a public keyserver/directory, within current search results, or all of the above. To initiate a search, please follow the steps described below:

  1. Open Symantec Encryption Desktop.
  2. From the Symantec Encryption Desktop menu items located in Tools, click the Search for Keys button. You may also access the key search function by selecting the Search for Keys icon within the PGP Keys section of PGP Desktop.
  3. Choose a location to search. Locations available to search for keys include: everywhere,on local keyring(s),on default keyring, in current results,and All Keys. By default, the keyserver for the PGP Global Directory will be included in the keyserver list. This list will also include any additional keyservers which may have been added.

    Note: This location can be as wide of a search as you wish. If you wish to add a keyserver not already listed, click Edit Keyserver List. You will then be able to add or remove keyservers.

  4. Key Conditions - You may Search for Keys to limit the search parameters using the following conditions any, all, or none.
  5. Some of the options available to search for keys include: Name, Email, Key ID, and Type.
  6. To complete the key search, click on the Search button in the top right corner.