After DBOC CLOSE, why would the database be open in CICS?
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After DBOC CLOSE, why would the database be open in CICS?


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There are certain administrative functions within CA Datacom/DB that require a database to be closed in a CICS region. For example, when performing maintenance to change the database definition, the administrator needs exclusive control of that database, and no batch or online processes can be running against that database.

To close the database in the CICS region, the administrator will normally issue a simple DBOC CLOSE=### command, where ### is the database ID that is being changed.

After closing the database with the DBOC CLOSE=### command, a subsequent DBUTLTY function to turn off access by others to the database (ACCESS STATUS=OFF...) shows that the CICS region still has the database open in Write mode. Why would the database be open after the DBOC CLOSE command is issued?


Release: 15.1


Within CICS, a dynamic URT could be created that accesses the database being changed. For example if a CA Dataquery program is run, but the regular URT is not there, a dynamic URT is created. This dynamic creation can also happen with other programs. A dynamic URT can have any available URT number, and depending on the processing in the CICS region, there could be multiple URTs with the database ID.

The clue to know that you have this situation is when you successfully issue DBOC CLOSE=###, but a subsequent ACCESS STATUS=OFF (or other command) fails, showing the CICS region still has the DBID open.

In order to be sure that you have completely closed the database in the CICS region, you should first run this command:

DBOC INQ=???.???.### - where ### is the DBID you need to close.

You will then get a list of all URTs with this DBID in them, and then you can issue a DBOC CLOSE= with all the URTs listed. For example, you might see:

URT 0001(DYN OPEN    AUTO ) ...
    0001 TABLE:ABC  DBID:00333  UPDATE...

URT 0333(STD CLOSED       ) ...
    0333 TABLE:AAA  DBID:00333  UPDATE...
    0333 TABLE:ABC  DBID:00333  UPDATE...
    0333 TABLE:EOR  DBID:00333  UPDATE...

In the above example, you would issue a command DBOC CLOSE=001,333 to close both these URTs.

Additional Information

This article addresses the most common cause of CICS regions not closing the database with a simple DBOC command. For other problems, or if you have any other questions, please open a support case with the appropriate documentation.

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.