Can PGP Universal Server's LDAP queries be customized?
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Can PGP Universal Server's LDAP queries be customized?


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Customizing a PGP Universal Server's LDAP query.



Beginning in version 2.6, PGP Universal Server can be reconfigured to use custom LDAP queries for its Directory Synchronization. This customization gives organizations full control over the LDAP queries that occur during Directory Synchronization, eliminating the requirement for specific attributes in the directory (e.g.  mail,  uid,  samAccountName).

If you would like to customize your PGP Universal Server 2.6 LDAP queries, please contact PGP Technical Support for assistance.

Notice: With PGP Universal Server 3.x this customization is no longer recquired since we now allow multiple LDAP attributes by default with PGP Universal Server. Please see TECH199481 for more information.

Applies To

PGP Universal Server 2.x