HOW TO: Configure PGP Desktop to Automatically Synchronize to the PGP Global Directory
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HOW TO: Configure PGP Desktop to Automatically Synchronize to the PGP Global Directory


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This article describes the configuration of automatic key synchronization between the PGP Global Directory and PGP Desktop.



The PGP Global Directory is a free directory of public keys, hosted by PGP Corporation. It provides quick and easy access to the universe of PGP keys. PGP Desktop 9.5 and above users can configure their system to automatically synchronize with the PGP Global Directory. This ensures the latest and most up to date version of a key is always available to the user. If the PGP Global Directory indicates that a key has been removed from the PGP Global Directory, then that key is disabled on the local PGP Desktop keyring. Also, any changes to keys on the local keyring are uploaded to the PGP Global Directory automatically. The user can specify what should be done when a key is found on the server. The options are (under When keys are found):


  • Do not save to my keyring
  • Ask to save to my keyring
  • Save keys to my keyring

How to Configure PGP Options for automatic PGP Global Directory synchronization:

  1. Click the PGPtray icon, then click Options.

  2. Click the Keys tab.

  3. Under Synchronization click to check the box Synchronize with keyservers daily in 9.5.x. 

  4. Click Keyservers
  5. By default, the PGP Global Directory is already listed. However, if installed from a custom installer for example, there may be a need to add the PGP Global Directory server manually. To do this: 
  6. Click Add on the PGP Keyservers List 

    Fill in the Server Information as follows:

    Type: PGP Global Directory LDAP


    Port: click Default (389)

  7. Click OK.
  8. Under Synchronization again, select an option for what should be done when keys are found on a keyserver. The options are displayed when you click the arrow to the right of When keys are found:

  9. Click OK to to save changes and exit the PGP Options screen .