The target OS is not supported by PC Transplant
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The target OS is not supported by PC Transplant


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Deployment Solution


When we try to deploy a personality package from DS 6.9 console to a Win 7 64 bit environment we receive a message saying "The target OS is not supported by PC Transplant".


This issue is not created by PCT, but instead by the way DS 6.9 and DAgent are handling the process. The issue is currently under investigation.


1. Run the package manually on the destination machine with Local or Domain Administrator rights.

2. Execute the package through a DS 6.9 script, per example by creating a new job on DS console --> Click on Add --> Run Script.

Example of  scripts:

For deploy of package use: \\ServerName or IP Address\eXpress\PCT\Packagename.

For capture of package use: \\ServerName or IP Address\eXpress\PCT\PCTWiz.exe -p:\\ServerName or IP Address\eXpress\PCT\template.pbt -f:\\ServerName or IP Address\eXpress\PCT\Packages\PackageName.

If you have questions or comments please contact Tech Support.

Applies To

DS 6.9

PCT 6.8

Win 7 64 bit