How to troubleshoot errors and failures in the IT Analytics Event Viewer window
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How to troubleshoot errors and failures in the IT Analytics Event Viewer window


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While using IT Analytics, such as running processing a cube, errors occur in the IT Analytics Event Viewer window, such as "The job completed with failure."

Various, including:

The job completed with failure.

Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object: IT Analytics reports folder is empty, installation completed with errors.

Exception: A task with Guid is already running.




Various issues can result in errors appearing in the IT Analytics Event Viewer window. The most common are included below:

  • The network credentials that IT Analytics is using are invalid. This can occur if the account's name and/or password used for the Altiris service account (a.k.a., Application Identity) or those specified directly in IT Analytics have changed. Re-enter the credentials into IT Analytics Configuration window to ensure that these are up-to-date. Also verify that these can log into the IT Analytics Analysis database successfully and run the cubes directly from there. Also, verify if there is any cube security configured. If so, test removing this. Likewise, if Windows Credentials are being used, try using instead the SQL SA account.
  • The selected cube or report is already running and trying to process it a second time during this results in the error "Exception: A task with Guid is already running." If the task is locked, this can be resolved by rebooting the Symantec Management Platform server. Refer to the following article for more information:

    Error "Exception: A task with Guid is already running." appears in the IT Analytics Event Viewer
  • The cube in question did not install 100% correctly, or has become corrupted in SQL, or other Microsoft SQL Server issues are occurring. Errors such as "Object reference is not set to an instance of an object" may occur. Verify that the cube can be manually processed in SQL If not, uninstall and reinstall the affected cube to resolve this.

    1. Using SQL Server Management Studio to connect to the database that IT Analytics uses, log into the Analysis Services under the Server type drop down list.
    2. Click to open Databases > IT Analytics > Cubes.
    3. Right click on the cube to run and select Process.
    4. Click on the OK button.
    5. Discuss any errors with your DBA or review Microsoft solutions, or, refer to the following article for more information on how to uninstall and reinstall an IT Analytics cube:

    Error: "The job completed with failure" when trying to process an IT Analytics cube

If uninstalling the cube does not resolve the issue and it is believed that IT Analytics is at fault (the cube can be manually run in SQL), IT Analytics as a whole may need to be uninstalled. Perform this using the Altiris Console for IT Analytics 6 (in Configuration > Upgrade/Install Additional Solutions) or Symantec Installation Manager for IT Analytics 7.x, and also uninstall any report packs and documentation. Afterwards, verify that all IT Analytics references have also been uninstalled in SQL (completely delete the Databases > IT Analytics, after making any desired backups). Also verify that the Report Services no longer has references to IT Analytics as well by logging into that then going to Home > IT Analytics.

  • Troubleshooting can also be performed by reviewing the Event Viewer log. The following SQL script can help with this by only showing exceptions:

    SELECT _eventTime 'Date/Time', Type, Target, Description
    FROM Evt_IT_Analytics_Configuration
    WHERE Description LIKE '%Exception%'
    ORDER BY _eventTime DESC


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