Lotus Notes: pid.nbf write error with SEP installed
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Lotus Notes: pid.nbf write error with SEP installed


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Endpoint Protection


If you logon to a windows client or switch to a different user you are getting an error message.
It doesn't seem to have any other implications, you can work normally with Lotus Notes.

Dos windows pop-up error message :
Error writing to process file pid.nbf, (other applications may be inappropriately accessing this file)


On a Windows 7 (64bit) test client it was sufficient to give the group users write permissions on the Lotus Notes installation folder C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM….

In the environment of one customer this didn’t resolve the issue but giving the group everyone write permission on that folder solved the problem.

Applies To

Confirmed on Windows 7 (64bit) and Windows XP
SEP 11.0.5 - 11.0.6 MP2
Lotus Notes 8.5.x