How to create a file check in CCS
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How to create a file check in CCS


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Control Compliance Suite Windows Control Compliance Suite Control Compliance Suite Standards Server


You need to create a file check in CCS.


Please find below the detailed steps how to configure the needed check:

1. Please open CCS Console –> Manage -> Standards
2. Create Your folder under Standards -> In Your folder Create Standard -> Name: Registry and File Checks -> OK -> New Section -> Name: Section1 -> OK
3. Open Section1 -> Right click Section1 -> Create Check -> Name: File Check -> Target Type -> Windows Platform -> All Windows Machines -> Select: Quick Check Builder -> Next
Create Expression(s):
Category: Files
Field: Last Modified Date/Time
Operator: =
Value: N/A
Click Green Cross Icon -> Add
Click on the Evaluation Condition -> Click Pencil Icon -> Advanced Settings
Data Items Filter:
Category: Files (grayed out)
Field: File Name (With Path)
Operator: =
Value: C:\WINDOWS\system32\calc.exe
Click Green Cross Icon -> Add
Action for multiple data items: ALL must meet the evaluation condition
Outcome for missing data items: Fail
-> OK -> Next -> Finish -> OK
4. Please right-click on created File Check Standard and select Setup Data Collection -> Provide Name -> Next -> Under Asset System select one of your Windows Machines -> Add -> Run now -> Next -> Next -> Finish
5. Please open Manage -> Asset System -> In the right asset window select the Windows Machine which you have selected for Data Collection job -> In the bottom windows please open the Data Collection tab -> Select the last data collection job which you have accomplished and double click on it or click on the View Data Collection Details icon above. In Registry and Files category you will see the needed by your data.