Certain emails that fail delivery, stay in the delivery queue after expiration.
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Certain emails that fail delivery, stay in the delivery queue after expiration.


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Messaging Gateway


In the event that a message is unable to be delivered and cannot correctly identify the domain or send the message; it may be retained in the delivery queue until such time as the MTA is restarted assuming that the message has expired.

This will occur when there is no error assosiated with the failure to deliver the message when you view the message in the Message Queues in the User Interface.

If you see an error message in the user interface such as 'No MX record found for this domain please refer to the following Knowledge Base article'



Symantec Brightmail Gateway utilises a maximum time in queue when deciding to release messages from the delivery queue. Certain broken domains leave the message in the active queue which prevents the automatic removal of the message prior to a MTA restart.


This issue has been fixed in Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.5. Please upgrade to the latest version.

About version 9.0.x, the workaround currently involves the manual restart of the MTA, this can be done through the User Interface by selecting Administration, Host Configuration Edit. On the Edit Host Configuration page select Services. Stop the MTA service. After getting the message that the service has been stopped highlight the MTA service again and start. The message should now have been removed from the Delivery Queue. It is also possible to manually remove the message from the queue by selecting Status, Message Queues under SMTP, query the delivery queue select the message for deletion and select delete.

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This has been documented to occur on Symantec Brightmail Gateway 9.0x