'LuComServer is still running' while installing SEP or LiveUpdate
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'LuComServer is still running' while installing SEP or LiveUpdate


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Endpoint Protection


While installing either Endpoint Protection or LiveUpdate, the install fails.

A popup may be generated stating that LiveUpdate is running.

Investigation of the install log (SEP_INST.LOG for example.) shows a LuCheck 26 error.

LiveUpdate is installed and running on the system.  This is preventing LiveUpdate from being installed through the SEP install or in the case of installing LiveUpdate alone.

The primary indicator is LuComServer is still running.


LuComServer is already installed on the machine and it runs every time LuSetup.exe is running.


Please follow the actions below -

1. Open Component Server by typing 'Dcomcnfg' at Run

2. Go the Computers -> My Computer -> DCOM Config under it

3. Find LuComServer at right hand side and click on Properties after right click on it

4. Go to the location tab and uncheck "Run Application on this computer'

5. Ensure that no LiveUpdate process is currently running by running TaskList from the command prompt or by running Task Manager.  Kill processes as needed.

6. Restart the install of SEP/LiveUpdate.