Link for KB-931125 appears to be out of date
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Link for KB-931125 appears to be out of date


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Why is the file size downloaded from Microsoft's web site ( have a different size than the file downloaded via the Patch Remediation Center link


Microsoft publishes the Root Update 3-4 times per year on what is known as the Windows Update Non-Security
refresh schedule, which generally releases on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

“However Microsoft cannot guarantee distribution of a Root Update on a regular schedule or in a specific month, as Windows Update may cancel non-security refresh releases on short notice in order to prepare for update releases that require additional attention.”  Please refer link  for more information.


The latest update file from Microsoft is now available in the December 2010 2nd Week release of PMImport version 7.0.1297.0 or 6.2.1297.0.