ServiceDesk tickets take a long time before they become available for editing/viewing
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ServiceDesk tickets take a long time before they become available for editing/viewing


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After a ticket has been saved in ServiceDesk, such as through the advanced ticket form, it takes a long time before the ticket appears on the My Requests or Tickets tab for editing or viewing.


This is working as designed. ServiceDesk processes new tickets every three minutes by default.


As soon as a ticket is saved, it begins the creation process. Tasks for it should immediately appear, such as IM-000001.1, IM-000001.2, etc. Until the ticket is fully processed, however, it will not be available for editing or viewing. This is controlled by the changing the Process Reporting Interval value.

  1. In Process Manager, go to Admin > Portal > Master Settings.
  2. Click to open Report Settings.
  3. Change the value for Process Reporting Interval(Sec) from 180 (three minutes) to the desired time. Warning: Decreasing this interval may severely impact the ability to be able to create tickets! Carefully adjust this down in small amounts and test to ensure that this does not negatively impact ServiceDesk. It is strongly recommended that this value be left at 180.
  4. Click on the Save button.
  5. Restart server extensions by right clicking on the Task Tray Application > Restart Server Extensions.

After a new ticket is saved, it should not take longer than approximately three minutes to appear in My Requests or Tickets. If it does, the logged in user may not have permissions to see the ticket. Verify that the logged in user is part of the group that the ticket is assigned to (by default, this is Support I) to ensure that they can edit and view the ticket. Note: Administrators are not part of Support I by default. It is recommended that Administrators are added to every out of box group (and custom, if any), to ensure they can see any tickets in any group.