DC980428 - RPO Agent LDS READ Error, RC = 08
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DC980428 - RPO Agent LDS READ Error, RC = 08


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


A review of the CA Dispatch logs shows that we received the following series of errors:

DC970013 V1 Invalid LDS Token or Data Error

DC970009 V1 CADS9SPL Error, See Prior Messages

DC980428 V1 RPO Agent LDS READ Error, RC = 08

What caused these errors and how can they be prevented?


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch


These specific errors can be received if the CADZSPLn task is shut down or otherwise ends before the CA Dispatch RPO subtask has a chance to finish writing a bundle or report out to the JES queue for print.


Under this circumstance, the bundle that was being written out to JES when the CADZSPLn tasks shutdown occurred would be flagged by CA Dispatch as being an ERROR bundle.


To prevent these messages from being seen again across recycles of the CA Dispatch started task, access the VRDMU820 screen in Dispatch (Option 8.3.1 from the main menu) and check and see if you have any bundles being shown on this screen where the STAT (status) column shows a value of ERROR. If you do, then Dispatch's RPO subtask is not going to be able to write this bundle out to JES for print. So, check and see specifically what reports are in that ERROR bundle and then delete it.

If you know what reports were in it, hopefully you can reprint them from CA Dispatch Online Viewing or ARCHIVE.