Configuring SSIM GIN Behind the Websense Proxy
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Configuring SSIM GIN Behind the Websense Proxy


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Security Information Manager


You are trying to configure the Global Inelegance Network in SSIM through a websense proxy and you get the error as described below.

Error communicating with GIN through Proxy please verify proxy/network configuration

GIN Config: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target


The WebSense proxy is configured to authenticate all outgoing connections using an internal CA and certificate mechanism. Each connection coming to the Websense need to decrypt and encrypt form inside to outside and vice versa. There are no logs reported as blocked attempts on the Websense proxy, because https:// is permitted through WebSense.


There is a configuration in WebSense to ‘specify the individual hostnames or IP addresses for which SSL decryption is not performed’.
 configure to bypass the SSL decryption and it will connect successfully.

Applies To

(SSIIM -GIN)-------------------|[WebSense proxy]--------------(Internet)