Autosys System Agent will not stay up with Peoplesoft Plugin


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Autosys instances will not stay up after PropleSoft plugin installation. 

Autosys instances will not stay up after PropleSoft plugin installation. The following error was found in both nohup.err and default_agent.log:

07/25/2017 14:07:11.018 EDT-0400 5 main.MainThread.CybPsPluginDriver.runApplication[:104] - CybPsPluginDriver Build 20 starting 
07/25/2017 14:07:11.533 EDT-0400 1 main.MainThread.CybAgentDriver.runApplication[:373] - cybermation.library.plugins.CybPluginException: Plugin instantiation failed at cybermation.agent.plugins.manager.CybPluginManager.invokePluginMethod( 
at cybermation.agent.plugins.manager.CybPluginManager.loadPlugins( 
at cybermation.agent.CybAgentDriver.runApplication( 
at cybermation.agent.CybAgentDriver.main( 
Caused by: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: null 
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Unknown Source) 




Check the System Agent log directory for the peoplesoft.log

Most likely it is a problem with the installation of the ps.pak Peoplesoft Plugin.  The log will tell you what part of the install is incorrect.  

IE (Database not found, User login Incorrect, Permissions etc...)