KNOWN ISSUE: Logged-on user data slowing down axengine
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KNOWN ISSUE: Logged-on user data slowing down axengine


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Ghost Solution Suite


The Deployment Server engine (axengine) is so busy processing logged-on user data from its clients that it experiences severe performance degradation which includes, but is not limited to, jobs failing to run.


The AClient/DAgent gathers each logged-on user's information and passes that information back to the Deployment Server engine (axengine).  The engine then has to process each of these bits of information. Because of their roles, both Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Servers generate high volumes of logged-on user data that trigger the failure described by this article.


The behavior of the clients reporting the logged in user information to the server can be suppressed by adding a registry key to the Ghost Solution Suite Server that tells the client to not report the logged on users information.  This registry key will work on GSS 3.1 server and will be applied to clients after the server’s services and client’s services are restarted.   This key will automatically be applied to all clients when they report back to the server.     

The default value for the UserInfoInterval key is 60 and needs to be changed to 0

The key is found at:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Altiris\Altiris eXpress\Options  


The Sever will need to have it's services restarted and then the next time the client's services are restarted they will inherit the changes and stop reporting the logged in user.