Internet Explorer Script Error: GetPicture failed: Unknown error 0x800C006
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Internet Explorer Script Error: GetPicture failed: Unknown error 0x800C006


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IT Management Suite


When attempting to assign security to specific tasks (Tree > Tasks) or shortcuts (Tree > Shortcuts) for a designated security role on the the below page,

The following 2 Internet Explorer errors occur when attempting to display the task picker dialog:

A very similar error occurs when trying to add an action type "Start Server Task" to a Notification Policy when trying to select a specific task item from an item picker.


The cause of these errors are three-fold.

1.  The immediate cause of this error is that the image files to correctly render the task tree were not ALL available.  These files are found in two locations.  The Notification Server looks for them first, in the ...\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Web\Images folder.  If they are not found there, then it looks for them in the ...\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Images folder.  This can also be determined by reviewing the contents of the ItemPresentation table.  Use the following query to review those contents:

use altiris -- replace your altiris db name here
select * from itempresentation

2.  The underlying cause of this problem was a previous PCT solution that had not uninstalled correctly.  It is good to review with the customer having the problem the results of the SQL query select * from vproduct, and make sure that the solutions they use or are licensed for are installed, and nothing else

3.  When the error is with a shortcut, the cause is that the object that is referenced by the shortcut has been removed.  Normally, a user can't remove an object that is referenced by a shortcut due to the dependency.  Some product installs (e.g. RTSM) have been known to remove objects (in the case of RTMS, a folder) that are referenced by shortcuts.


Again, this has at least 2 resolutions:

1.  Copy any missing image files to the server from a functioning server.

2.  Remove any solutions that do not belong on the Notification Server.  More than likely, this will involve using a command line removal to assure that all of the files, table, and other solution program elements are correctly removed.  This command line is as follows:

...\program files\altiris\notification server\bin\aexconfig.exe /unconfigure {enter the solution guid here to be removed} /deleteitems

3. This was resolved in one instance by updating the Operating System and rebooting the server.

4.  In the case of the shortcut, simply delete the shortcut.  Some investigation work will be needed to determine which object was being referenced by the shortcut so that a new shortcut can be created.

A diagnostic tool has been created to assist with troubleshooting this error message. See KB 24780

Applies To

NS 6.0.6074, NS Rollup R1 (KB 22690), various other solutions