When Applying fixes for CA Symdump CICS r 10 what are the components names that you search SUPPORT.CA.COM to find all the outstanding fixes?


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CA SymDump for CICS CA SymDump Batch


The client just install CA Symdump CICS r 10 applying the FMIDS listed below. Now the client would like to apply all the outstanding GA fixes. What product component names does the client have to search on in the DOWNLOAD CENTER PUBLISHED solutions to find all the outstanding GA fixes? 

The CA Symdump CICS r 10 FMID's applied

CAVHA00 /*Common Symbolic Component */

CABAA00 /*Common CICS Component */

CABAA01 /*Common CICS DB2 Component */

CABQA00 /*SymDump CICS Component */ 





To see all the outstanding GA fixes for the CA Symdump CICS r 10 FMID’S applied above you need to search on the following components

CA Symdump for CICS

CA Intertest for CICS

CA Testing tools Common symbolic component