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VM:Spool; spool consumption


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Spool space is full and we are receiving message 040W.  Is there a way to tell what user ID is taking up a lot of the spool space?     


Release: VMSPLL55400-1.8-VM:Spool


Yes, use the VMSPOOL OVERVIEW command.  

The OVERVIEW command will display the OVERVIEW screen which provides a summary of the current state of your spooling system.  

It presents a full screen of the "Largest Users" and Largest Files" which makes it easy to identify who is hogging up the spool. 


If you determine that you need to purge files, you may then issue the PURGE command or start a backup job that purges files after they have been copied to tape.   

Additional Information

If you want to read up on OVERVIEW or PURGE, they are documented in the VM:Spool Command Reference which can be accessed at: