Troubleshoot Symantec VIP Enterprise Gateway validation server issues with NTRadPing
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Troubleshoot Symantec VIP Enterprise Gateway validation server issues with NTRadPing


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VIP Service


Troubleshoot/Test RADIUS connection to VIP Enterprise Gateway.


VIP Enterprise Gateway


NTRadPing is a useful tool for testing installations of your RADIUS validation servers. This tool mimics a NAS client and simulates an actual authentication request by sending the request directly to a specific RADIUS validation service. Before sending a request, you'll need to configure the validation server's IP address (located in the validation server settings), the RADIUS shared secret key, and a username. Don't check the "CHAP" checkbox. 

To download the NTRadPing tool, click on the ZIP or RAR file attached to this article. Unzip ntradping.exe and raddict.dat into a folder on the VIP Enterprise Gateway server.

  1. Double-click NTRadPing.exe
  2. Enter the following fields:
    1. RADIUS Server/port - Validation Server IP address and port (ie. 1812)
    2. RADIUS Secret Key  - Shared secret set up on the UA validation server
    3. User-Name - Username of the test user
    4. Password - OTP from the token assigned to the user
      Note: The password should be as it is configured in the validation server settings (e.g., security code, LDAP Password+Security Code, Access PIN+Security Code, LDAP Password+Security Code+RADIUS Access Challenge). 

In the lower-right list box, the results of the RADIUS request will be displayed, along with a complete dump of all the returned RADIUS attributes. If the validation is successful but an actual validation from the 3rd party integration fails, there is likely a configuration issue with the response being sent to the validation server from that 3rd-party integration (i.e., Cisco, Citrix, etc). If the validation fails, check the server.log on the VIP Enterprise Gateway for more information.  

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