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Update CA Performance Management interface name alias


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Old CAPC Interface Alias name information remains though the Network Interface name and Description field updated when device configuration changed. 


The client manages huge network interface and cannot examine which had mismatching.

So they request the method of updating the renewing all old Interface Alias. 



This problem generated before CA Performance Center 3.1 version.


1, Backup CAPC MySQL 


2, Extract the unmatched information between Network Interface name and Interface Alias name. 

  # /opt/CA/MySql/bin/mysql 

  mysql> use netqosportal; 

  mysql> select OwnerItemID,ItemID,ItemName from t_interface where ItemName != AlternateName INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/interface_alias_import.csv' FIELDS TERMINATED BY ','; 

  mysql> \q 


3, Run following utility for update all unmatched info. 

  # cd /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/Tools/bin 

  # ./ -h <CAPC hostname> -T interface -u admin -p admin -i /tmp/interface_alias_import.csv

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