How to update interface name alias' in NetOps Portal
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How to update interface name alias' in NetOps Portal


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Old NetOps Portal Interface Alias name information remains even though the Network Interface name and Description field get updated when device configuration has changed. On a large network, it's difficult to examine which interfaces are updated and which have names and alias' that are mismatched.

This KB describes a method of updating all old Interface Alias names.


NetOps Portal 2.x & 3.x


  1. Backup NetOps Portal MySQL 

  2. Extract the unmatched information between Network Interface name and Interface Alias name from the NetOps Portal MySQL DB as follows:

    # /opt/CA/MySql/bin/mysql 

      mysql> use netqosportal; 

      mysql> select OwnerItemID,ItemID,ItemName from t_interface where ItemName != AlternateName INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/interface_alias_import.csv' FIELDS TERMINATED BY ','; 

      mysql> \q 

  3. Run following utility for update all unmatched info. 

    # cd /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/Tools/bin 

    # ./ -h <CAPC_HOSTNAME> -T interface -u admin -p admin -i /tmp/interface_alias_import.csv

Additional Information

Further information on the  "" script can be found in the following section of our TechDocs guides:

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