Domino server crashes with error: "PANIC: LookupHandle: handle out of range"
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Domino server crashes with error: "PANIC: LookupHandle: handle out of range"


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Mail Security for Domino


When SMSDOM is running, the Domino server crashes frequently on "nServer" with "PANIC: LookupHandle: handle out of range".



If you're running Symantec Mail Security for Domino (SMSDOM) version 8.0.5 or 8.0.6 on a Windows x64 server, please follow the steps below to resolve this issue by applying a patch file.

Please also note that this issue is resolved in the SMSDOM 8.0.7.

Note: These resolution steps only apply to Symantec Mail Security for Domino version 8.0.5 and 8.0.6 on 64-bit architectures.

  1. Download the extension library "nnem.dll" attached below.
  2. Stop the Domino server.
  3. Create a backup copy of the existing library "nnem.dll".
    The file is located generally under C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Domino
  4. Replace the existing "nnem.dll" with the one you downloaded at step 1
  5. Start Domino server.

Applies To

This issue was observed with Domino Server version 8.5.1 (64-bit) and SMSDOM (64-bit), installed on Windows 2003 (64-bit) or Windows 2008 (64-bit).

The FATAL THREAD could be any Server Task process executed within Domino.
In the first FATAL THREAD section of the nsd log, text similar to the following appears.
Bold text is identical in every nsd log for a PANIC of this type.

 [ 9] 0x1001f0ce nnotes.Panic+682 (afb,10026968,38209910,10052d24)
 [10] 0x1002653a nnotes.LockHandleExt+610 (1288cde8,38209c18,0,100264ba)
 [11] 0x10026215 nnotes.OSLockObject+25 (42d85c0,2d5,0,10026270)
 [12] 0x117a75f8 nnotes.NSFItemQuery+76 (1288cde8,38209920,0,100264ba)
 [13] 0x180002835 nnem.SetPASEnabledState+5669 (38209c18,fec7750,38209c18,fec7750)
 [14] 0x180003C3C nnem.SetPASEnabledState+10796 (42d8a70,38209c90,4,2b)
 [15] 0x180004FD8 nnem.SetPASEnabledState+15816 (1,0,38209f80,19b)

The following error message may appear on the Domino console, in the console logs, in smspanic.txt, or within the stack dump of the PASS 2 section for the FATAL THREAD within the nsd log:

 PANIC: LookupHandle: handle out of range



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