HTTP timeouts are enforced on all pages
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HTTP timeouts are enforced on all pages


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If an ASP page takes longer than 90 seconds to load, the page will time out with a message similiar to:

Altiris Notification Server Error
The following error occurred on the page 'collection_summary.aspx':
Request timed out.
Exception Trace:
System.Web.HttpException: Request timed out.


Under Notification Server SP2 all pages were set to "debug". This meant that the HTTP timeouts set in IIS were not respected. In SP3 the debug setting has been removed, resulting in the timeout being respected for all pages.  This is the same for SMP 7.x

By default the value for this is 90 seconds which is set in the machine.config file.


Update: The following technique should only be used after conducting a basic NS health analysis. 

Increasing the execution timeouts from the defaults can cover up the poor health of the NS and or SQL server. Please see KB 33202 - Basic NS Health check for more details.

This setting can be set per Web site in the web.config file in all NS and solution Web directories. Run the attached .EXE to change the default web.config timeout to the correct value.

In order to pipe the results of this run to a TXT file, please place both of its file in the root of the '.\Altiris\' directory which contains the NS directories, etc.  Then open a DOS box and CD to that directory before running the tool.  Please follow closely the instructions in the DOS windows, specifically those giving instructions to restart the Altiris Service and the IIS.

A tool for 7.x is also attached to this article.

Applies To

Notification Server 6.0 SP3 (Build 6.0.6074).

This also applies to Altiris Solutions such as the 'Altiris Agent for UNIX and Linux' and 'Inventory Rule Management'.

Symantec Management Platform (SMP) 7.0 and 7.1

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