"Evaluation of [XXX] failed - ReferenceError: "XXX" is not defined" error in c2o.log
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"Evaluation of [XXX] failed - ReferenceError: "XXX" is not defined" error in c2o.log


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CA Process Automation Base


Seeing errors similar to the following in the ITPAM c2o.log:

ERROR [com.optinuity.c2o.bean.C2OSimpleValue] [71-30149889467d] C2OString.evaluate: exception: com.optinuity.c2o.bean.C2OEvaluationException: Evaluation of [XXX] failed - ReferenceError: "XXX" is not defined.

What causes this?  Will this error cause any issues with the ITPAM application?


ITPAM 4.3 and 4.4

All Supported Operating Systems


The errors do not have any functional impact on the ITPAM application.

There are two (2) main causes for these types of errors:

1.  The "Invoke SOAP Method" operators has a default value of "JKS" for the "Signature/Encryption Keystore Path" on the "WS Security" tab of the operator.  See the image below:

Simply remove JKS on this tab and save the process design.

2.  Review any "Invoke SOAP Method" operators being used to ensure that their settings are indeed correct. Specifically, check to see if the TARGET (touch point) entry in the execution settings panel as depicted in the screenshot below:

The setting should be empty or have a valid ITPAM hostname.