Error 11: SMC.exe failed to start
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Error 11: SMC.exe failed to start


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Endpoint Protection


You see the following error message in the Event Log: Error 11, CMC_ERROR_START_STAT_FAIL.


This message indicates that SMC.exe failed to launch during the system startup. There are a number of reasons that this may occur. The event log entry includes further information as to why this problem occurred.

The following table describes the possible error codes:

IDError codeInterpretation
cc800002P_NO_PATHCould not find PSCAN.SYS in system32\drivers.
cc800003P_NO_OPEN_DEVICEPSCAN.SYS did not export expected handle.
cc004000P_SEC_ALLOC_FAILLocal Alloc Failed.
cc005000P_INIT_DES_FAILCould not init security descriptor.
cc006000P_SET_DES_FAILCould not set security descriptor.
cc008000P_ASYNC_SCAN_MUTEX_FAILFailed to create a mutex used for synchronizing asynchronous scans.
cc00c000P_PSCAN_START_ERRORError communicating with PSCAN.SYS.
cc002000P_HOOK_BADCould not attach to File System.
cc00d000P_BAD_KERNAL_CODEPSCAN.SYS returned an unknown error.
cc003000P_NO_DEVICE_HANDLEFailed to get device handle to PSCAN.SYS.
cc00f000P_VEINIT_FAILCall to VEInit Failed, Scan Engine may be corrupt.
cc007000P_CANNOT_FIND_PATTCannot find virus definition file.
cc001000P_INVALID_PATTVirus definition file is invalid.
cc011000P_NO_VIRUS_ENGINEVirus engine could not be found.
cc012000P_INVALID_VIRUS_ENGINEVirus engine is corrupt.
cc013000P_ALREADY_RUNNINGInitPscan called twice.
cc010000P_NTS_START_FAILThe Network Transport System (NTS) Failed to Initialize.
cc016000P_VERSION_MISMATCHEngine Version Mismatch
2000000dERROR_NO_KEYDatabase not installed.
20000002ERROR_MEMORYMemory allocation error.
cc015000P_PSCAN_INSTALL_ERRORCould not install PSCAN.SYS.
20000006ERROR_SCAN_IN_PROGRESSScan in Progress
2000000bERROR_BAD_PARAMBad parameter passed to StartScan funtion.
000003f1ERROR_BAD_DATABASEERROR: Corrupt Database
000003f2ERROR_BAD_KEYError in database.
00000002ERROR_NO_PATHError in database.