Gathering information about Symantec products on a Mac using GatherSymantecInfo
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Gathering information about Symantec products on a Mac using GatherSymantecInfo


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Endpoint Protection


In the course of troubleshooting an issue on an Apple Mac computer, the Support representative has asked for technical information about the computer. There is not currently a SymDiag Tool for Mac, but the GatherSymantecInfo tool described below can be used with all Symantec Products on Mac.

For issues involving WSS Agent, Unified Agent, SES Unified Agent, and/or Web and Cloud Access Protection (WCAP) in Tunnel Mode, you can enable debug logging using from  Gather WSS Agent Diagnostics in macOS.
NOTE: using this script will automatically perform the GatherSymantecInfo output, so it does not need to be run separately.

For debug options for the SEP SymDaemon (will not work in SES Cloud clients)  see "How to Debug Endpoint Protection SymDaemon on the Macintosh client".



As of SEP 14.3 RU1, SEP for Mac includes a built-in diagnostic report that can be run from the help menu. But currently the tool attached here will gather more data and can also be used if SEP product's help menu is inaccessible.

  1. Download attached to this article.
  2. Place the file on the Mac client and double-click it. It will expand the GatherSymantecInfo.command file as well as a folder called SupportFiles.
  3. Right-click on GatherSymantecInfo.command and choose "Open". At the prompt ("macOS cannot verify the developer...Are you sure you want to open it?") choose "Open". If you see a different error ("... cannot be opened...") try again but use right-click (or control-left-click). 
  4. A terminal window will open. Enter the administrator password (it will not echo on-screen) and press Enter.
  5. Gathering information... will appear.
  6. When completed the Terminal window will indicate that the information was gathered and saved to the desktop ( Quit the Terminal application (see below). If you would prefer the file be saved elsewhere, run GatherSymantecInfo.command from a terminal prompt with the -z option, as in "GatherSymantecInfo.command -z /path/to/file"

Please upload to your support case.

To see usage and options, run ./GatherSymantecInfo -h

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