Can Ghost restore EXT2 and EXT3 partitions?
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Can Ghost restore EXT2 and EXT3 partitions?


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Ghost Solution Suite


The Ghost Implementation Guide on page 546 infers that a partition image restoration will only work on an NTFS partition.

The Table on page 546 shows the following command line and description:
ghost.exe -clone,mode=prestore,src=2:3\image.gho:5,dst=4:2

This command line Restores the fifth partition of the image file image.gho, which is located on the third partition of the second disk, to the second partition on the fourth disk. This switch only works if the third partition on the second disk is NTFS.


Ghost will restore Linux EXT2 and EXT3 partitions from an image as long as the image resides on an NTFS or FAT32 formatted drive.

Ghost Implementation Guide for GSS 2.5