Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Reporting & Analytics v.9.0.1 client conflicts with certain versions of Crystal Reports
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Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Reporting & Analytics v.9.0.1 client conflicts with certain versions of Crystal Reports


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Information in this solution only applies to CCS Reporting & Analytics v.9.0.1 with cumulative hotfix (CHF) 2010-2 or earlier installed.

  • The Crystal Reports packaged with Reporting & Analytics client conflicts with certain newer versions of Crystal Reports.
  • When both the Reporting & Analytics client and Crystal Reports are installed on the same computer, the Reporting & Analytics client fails to launch.
  • CCS90.exe does not work on Microsoft Windows XP Hungarian edition. When launching the Reporting & Analytics console on Windows XP Hungarian edition, an error appears "This OS is not supported. This program can only run on Windows XP SP2 or later."



Apply the Quick Fix CCS_Reporting&Analytics_v901_20504_ This fix resolves the Crystal Reports conflict and allows the Reporting & Analytics client to launch successfully. CCS_Reporting&

PREREQUISITES: Before installing Quick Fix (QF) 20504, make sure that CHF 2010-2 is installed for Symantec CCS Reporting & Analytics v9.0.1. CHF 2010-2 must be installed before installing this QF.
NOTE: The user account used to perform the QF installation must be an administrator on the local computer.
1. Download CCS_Reporting&Analytics_v901_20504_
2. Stop the Symantec Application Server service.
3. Extract the CCS_Reporting&Analytics_v901_20504_ at a convenient location.
4. Backup the file “<InstallDir>\Reporting and Analytics\Share” folder (By default, the <INSTALLDIR> is C:\Program Files\Symantec\CCS folder\CCS90.exe
5. Copy the file contained in QF package to “<InstallDir>\Reporting and Analytics\Share\CCS90.exe
6. Restart the Symantec Application Server service, then launch the Reporting & Analytics console again.

NOTE: It is not necessary to install this QF is CHF 2010-3 or later is installed for CCS Reporting & Analytics v.9.0.1. This QF is contained in CHF 2010-3 or later CHFs.