How to Add New Lpars to SMF Director
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How to Add New Lpars to SMF Director


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I need to add 2 lpars to my existing SMF Director environment.

What steps do I need to take to add the lpars to the SMF director?


Release: JARSJA00200-12.7-JARS-Resource Accounting


New LPARs can always be added to SMFD by compiling the control statements needed for them. That said, it’s recommended that you first go through the sizing formula as adding the new LPARs will mean you might need to increase the size of the SCDS. The method for increasing the size is described in the best practices documentation. If the SCDS is large enough, or once it is resized, you can compile your configuration control statements. 

The recommended procedure once the SCDS is of appropriate size: 

1) Take a BACKUP of the SCDS (always do this before changes) 

2) Use RESTORE or MIRROR to make a test copy of the SCDS with the BACKUP from step 1 

3) Run the COMPILE CONFIGURATION statements for the new LPARs on the test SCDS 

4) Use the test SCDS to run some SMF Dumps (using SOURCE DUMP) to verify the settings are what’s desired 

5) Compile the new statements in the production SCDS 

6) If you have a copy of your previous configuration statements, you should add these statements to them. If you don’t we recommend that you generate a copy of your new control statements using SMFIGCMB (this step is optional) 

7) And, at the end, take another BACKUP of the SCDS with the new configuration. 

It’s not a very difficult process to add configurations, but it’s best to test them out before adding them in production.