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Installing multiple Web Viewer applications to a single Tomcat - Application Level External configuration


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Application Level External Security/Configuration is not the recommended configuration. If for business reasons we elect to install multiple Web Viewers to a single Tomcat instance, how do we go about it? 

How to install multiple Web Viewer applications to a single Tomcat - Application Level External configuration?


Release: Web Viewer 12.1
Component: WBVLUW

Apache Tomcat


1. From an existing install, delete installer files and folders. This are not needed once the product is installed. It's recommended that for future installs (or updates), the installer files be in a folder separate from the install target folder.

2. Under the Web Viewer install target folder, create two sub-folders to act as the CAOMWV12_HOME folder for the two planned application instances. Copy the (install-target)/config folder and its contents to both of these folders. Also, create folders /logs and /database under both of these folders.

3. Create WAR files for each application instance. In the /deployable folder, copy "CAOMWebViewer12.war" to a unique name referencing the instance. Repeat for each instance.

4. Run the ConfigTool, selecting option 2.

4a. You will be prompted for "[Package Location]". This is the WAR file for an application instance. Provide the full path to first copy of "CAOMWebViewer12.war"

4b. When prompted for "[Application Level External Home Location]" - this is the intended CAOMWV12_HOME folder for this instance, enter full path (note: this is the parent of the copied /config folder).

4c. The WAR file will be updated - the application level CAOMWV12_HOME is set for the file.

4d. Perform remaining configuration normally. NOTE: For CCI Client System ID, specify a unique value for the system run on (the two application instances must have different values, otherwise CCI communication conflicts will occur).

5. Repeat running the configuration tool for the other WAR and its CAOMWV12_HOME folder.

6. Deploy the WAR files to Apache Tomcat.

Additional Information

When applying product updates, it should be run against BOTH copies of the (renamed) "CAOMWebViewer12.war". Else, the application level CAOMWV12_HOME variable will be lost and must be reset using the ConfigTool (the external configuration files are not impacted by the update).