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A product or release for FMID (fmid) was not found in the software catalog.


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SymDump for CICS SymDump Batch


How can I resolve the following error

"A product or release for FMID CARXA00 was not found in the software catalog."

when trying to install maintenance via CA Chorus Software Manager (CSM)?


Release: SYMDBA00200-9.1-SymDump-Batch


This can be a license issue.

First please login to CA Support Online ( and check your LMP keys - .

For CA SymDump/Batch you either need a key with code PO or RX, for instance. Check the expiration date too, please. If there is no such LMP key, open a case with the CA license department. 

If you see a valid LMP key, go to CA CSM, click the "Products" tab, then under "Actions" click "Show License Keys", and then do a "Refresh Site IDs" and "Update keys", please.

Check whether you see the expected LMP keys.

If yes, try to install the maintenance again.

You can have a look at the following knowledge base articles too: TEC1831395 and TEC1919096.

Otherwise open a support case, please.