How to create and edit Dynamic Dashboards in Control Compliance Suite (CCS) v.10 Reporting & Analytics Web Console
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How to create and edit Dynamic Dashboards in Control Compliance Suite (CCS) v.10 Reporting & Analytics Web Console


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Dynamic Dashboards are only available in the CCS v.10 Reporting & Analytics Web Console, and the Web Console is always installed on the Application Server computer. Follow these steps to create and edit a Dynamic Dashboard with the top ten assets with the highest risk scores.

1. Access the Reporting & Analytics Web Console. Launch Internet Explorer, then browse to the URL http://<Application_Server_Computer_Name>/CCS_Web/HomePage.aspx.
2. On the General Properties tab, click View | Panels, then click Create a Panel.
3. Select Standard Compliance Management | Standard from the Area of Interest picklist.
4. Select Aggregate risk score for asset by standard from the Measure (Y axis) picklist.
5. Select Asset Name from the Measure (X axis) picklist.
6. Click the field Panel Name, then change the word "sum" to "custom" for Custom Aggregate risk score for asset by standard by Asset name.
7. On the Display Properties tab, change the chart type to 2D Column Chart at the bottom.
8. Click Update Preview button to view the changes.
9. Click the Grid Properties tab at the top to examine the current Grid Properties.
10. Scroll to the bottom, then click the Save button to save the new panel. Click Ok. The new panel appears under the Private Tab in the right column.
11. Create a Dashboard that contains the newly created panel. Click the Dashboard button at the top, then click Create a Dashboard in the Quick Tasks list.
12. Click and drag the new panel onto the Edit Dashboard section.
13. Resize the panel as necessary. To see the panel as it will appear, click Show With Data.
14. In the Name Field at the top type a name for the dashboard, for example "Top 10 Assets with High Risk Score." Click Save at the top right, then click Ok.
15. Click Publish to make the Dashboard available for other people to view. Click Yes to confirm publication, then click Ok. The Dashboard is now listed under the Published tab.
16. If desired, maximize t he Dashboard to increase the resolution.
17. Summary information about the Dashboard can also be viewed by clicking the icon at the far top right.
18. Click Close.

NOTE: Dynamic Dashboards are a new feature available in CCS v.10 Reporting & Analytics. Dynamic Dashboards are not available in CCS v.9.x.