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Setting primary and backup OPMS stations for a monitor to run on


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


For a monitor running on an On-Premise Monitoring Station (OPMS), how can it be setup to run primarily from a single site - but failover to another OPMS if that station is unavailable?


ASM running monitors on an OPMS


A monitor can be configured to do this by using the Master monitor order algorithm. To set this up:

- Modify the monitor

- Select "more options"

- Choose multiple OPMS locations in the checkpoint list 

- Switch the monitor order algorithm to Master

   This step unveils a new field called "Always start on" (please note that this will appear at the bottom of the checkpoint list)

- Choose a location that you want it to run on primarily (from the locations you selected in the checkpoint list).


When Master is selected, the monitor will only run on the selected station - unless there is an error or a problem, in which case it will randomly pick another station from your list.