Authentication test fails when configuring a Domino LDAP source
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Authentication test fails when configuring a Domino LDAP source


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Messaging Gateway


You cannot add a Domino LDAP source for Control Center / SMTP Authentication in Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) Directory Integration or testing Control Center authentication to the Domino data source fails.

Testing authentication with an invalid user returns:

The authentication query was successful.
Failed to authenticate the user with the test credentials provided.
Incorrect user name or password.



800400:DDS error code: 800400 Additional information returned by LDAP server: Failure connecting to data source: APG Reason: Could not create a validated object


SMG connection pooling will not work properly for BCC / SMTP Authentication sources if anonymous access is disabled in the Domino LDAP server.


Enable anonymous access in Domino or configure the DDS source to use an authenticated connection.

Note: Enabling anonymous LDAP connections in Domino may require that the Domino server be rebooted.


If anonymous access in Domino cannot be enabled connection pooling on SMG can be disabled:

  1. Login to the Control Center
  2. Navigate to Administration -> Settings -> Directory Integration
  3. Click the source on the right hand side used for BCC Authentication / SMTP Authentication or Both
  4. Navigate to the Advanced Tab
  5. Change the Maximum and Minimum number of connections to "0"
  6. Click SAVE

NOTE: If you choose to apply the configuration above, ensure you are not using other LDAP features for this source as performance may be adversely impacted. If you do need other features such as Recipient Validation, Routing or Address Resolution we recommend you to create another source that way connection pooling will be enabled for those.