How to check and repair the database in Messaging Gateway
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How to check and repair the database in Messaging Gateway


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Messaging Gateway


How to run a MySQL check on a Messaging Gateway (SMG)

A scheduled database check and optimization is run by Messaging Gateway automatically but can also be run manually from the admin command line interface.


Running a database check and repair on the database allows for ensuring the database is working at its best.   The --repair option allows the appliance to attempt to repair errors and some broken links within the database.  The --optimize command allows the appliance to clean up white space and disjointed items in the database.



To run the database check or repair

  1. Login to the command-line interface (CLI) on the Control Center as the "admin" account.
  2. Enter the command cc-config database --check 
  3. When prompted, enter yes to proceed

Once the database check has completed, if one or more tales are marked as "crashed" please run cc-config database --repair command to repair the crashed tables.


Please note: As a rule of thumb, you may need to run the commands up to 3 times consecutively to ensure that the database table(s) are checked and repaired. If the tables cannot be repaired using this method the tables will be considered irreparable and SMG will need to be redeployed.



Additional Information

For more information on Administrating the Symantec Mail Gateway (SMG) or command-line interface (CLI) command please refer to the product documentation.


Administering Symantec Messaging Gateway through the command line.