WAAE/CA7 Cross-Platform Command Job Parameters


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This information applies to environments where jobs are submitted directly from WAAE to CA7 without going through the AutoSys/Connect application on the mainframe.

When submitting a job directly from WAAE to CA7 via the Cross Platform Interface, what parameters can be specified in the "command" attribute in WAAE job?


Release: ATSYHA99000-11.3.6-Workload Automation AE-High Availability Option


For a WAAE command job that is defined to execute a job in CA7 directly, the following parameters can be specified in the WAAE job's "command" attribute. Each parameter must be separated by a comma.


JOBNAME - (REQUIRED) Specifies the CA7 job name to be executed. This is the only required parameter and must be the first parameter specified.

MONITOR=monitorname - (OPTIONAL) As defined in the SVCNO parm in the CA-7 Init file. This identifies the CA-7 instance that you will pointing to and is usually only required if you are executing more then a single CA-7 instance.

XPSSCHD=xxxxxxx - (OPTIONAL) Depending on the value of the XPSSCHD parameter in your CA-7 Init File you can state which method (Demand or Run) should be used when bringing a job into CA-7

SCHID=xxx - (OPTIONAL) This parameter can be used to force CA-7 to bring in a job with a specific SCHID value. If not, the default schid of 000 will be used. 


The syntax for command attribute for the WAAE job would be...

command: JOBNAME,MONITOR=monitorname,XPSSCHD=xxxxxxx,SCHID=xxx

NOTE: The optional parameters can be specified in any order after JOBNAME.




Additional Information

This information also applies to WAAE jobs that submitting directly to CA Jobtrac and CA Scheduler.