Log error: The specified resource is not ready
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Log error: The specified resource is not ready


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I have just rolled out the Altiris Agent and the client doesn't seem to be receiving any policies. After checking the Notification Server logs, the following message appears:

Apr 19 10:45:52 E
RequestPolicies failed: Unexpected response from URL HTTPS://RBIRK/ALTIRIS/NS/Agent/GetClientPolicies.aspx?xml=<Request configVersion="2"><WrkstaGuid>{7365CDCB-CC35-41C0-A4E3-4D0E9E8F2CCA}</WrkstaGuid></Request>&compress=1&hash=1: The specified resource is not ready. This condition is temporary and will be resolved as soon as the next collection update occurs (Resource: {7365cdcb-cc35-41c0-a4e3-4d0e9e8f2cca}) (-2147213299)


The log message indicates that the resource (agent) has been discovered, but the collections that refer to it have not yet been updated.

To calculate what policies apply to an agent, Notification Server first needs to know which collections contain the agent. Once it knows which collections contain the agent, it can then work out which active (enabled) policies apply to these collections and to the agent. Notification Server is waiting for a collection update to occur so that it can determine what active policies apply to the resource (agent).


To work out what collections contain an agent we require basic inventory from an agent; this information allows Notification Server to determine what collections the agent should be a member of. The collections update schedules control how often collections are updated.

These options are controlled by the Automatic Collection Updating page.
  • Policy Changed Collection Update Schedule: Updates all collections which are in use when one or more policies have been created or modified.
  • Collection Delta Update Schedule: Updates all collections which are in use if there is any new or modified inventory since the last collection update.
  • Always Refresh Collection Update Schedule: Updates all collections regardless of inventory status or any of the previous settings.
  • Update all collections now: Click this to update all collections immediately.

There is a small window of opportunity from when a computer first sends basic inventory and when the collections are updated. During this time, you will receive the message shown below (i.e. The resource is not ready . . . ). However, once the collections have been updated, you will not receive this message again for the specified agent. If at this point you are still not getting policies, you should check that you have actually enabled any policies and that you have applied them to a collection(s) that contains the agent in question.

NS 7 Note: NS 7 has re-named the scheduled tasks mentioned above: - NS.Complete Resource Membership Update
- NS.Delta Resource membership Update
- NS.Policy Filter Update

You can find the options for updating filter membership and policy -> filter associations by:

1) Open the Symantec Management Console
2) Navigate to Settings -> Notification Server -> Resource Membership Update
3) On Complete Update Schedule, click: Run.

This will update the membership for all Filters, Organizational Groups, and Targets

Check in the SMC interface to confirm that these three tasks are scheduled to recur. By default:

  • Delta Update repeats every 5 minutes
  • Complete Update repeats once a day
  • Policy Update repeats every 5 minutes

If you continue to experience difficulties, check the Notification Server logs to confirm that these jobs are running periodically as expected.

  • To find when the Delta Update task ran, search on:
    • Source = Altiris.NS.StandardItems.Targeting.ResourceTargetDeltaUpdateSchedule.OnSchedule
    • Message Severity = Informational
  • To find when the Complete Update task ran, search on:
    • Source = Altiris.NS.StandardItems.Collection.AlwaysRefreshCollectionUpdateSchedule
    • Message Severity = Informational
  • To find when the Policy Update task ran, search on:
    • Source = Altiris.NS.StandardItems.Collection.DeltaCollectionUpdateSchedule
    • Message Severity = Informational and Trace

Applies To
Notification Server 6.0 and 7.0