Unable to load the PXE Configuration Utility
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Unable to load the PXE Configuration Utility


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Deployment Solution


The customer is unable to load the PXE Configuration Utility; it simply returns an error message while launching.

Different error messages have been reported by different customers, such as:
  • "Service not responding"
  • "Unable to connect to the server"



Invalid or corrupt PXE Server or PXE Manager installation.


Please restart the following PXE services:

  1. Altiris PXE Config Helper
  2. Altiris PXE Manager

If that does not help, then: 
  1. Stop all PXE services
  2. Access the DS installation files (located in the \DSSetup folder)
  3. Run PXEMgr.exe
  4. Run PXE.exe
  5. Once setup is complete, start the PXE Manager and PXE Config Helper services and then re-launch the PXE Configuration Utility.

Applies To
Deployment Solution 6.9.164 - 6.9.453