DS7.1 _Symantec_netBoot_Interface Service crashes immediately upon starting
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DS7.1 _Symantec_netBoot_Interface Service crashes immediately upon starting


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On the server, when starting up Symantec net boot services (more about these in KB 51889) the '_Symantec_netBoot_Interface' service starts up them immediately stops running.

If the service is starts and stays running, then this may be related to article 52983.


The IP address that the _Symantec_netBoot_Interface Service is attempting to create a socket connection on is not the correct IP address for the server on which it's attempting to run.

This is most common when the Server's IP address was changed for some reason.


Correct the configuration file

In the SBS directory (default "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\Deployment\Task Handler\SBS") find the file "initialPXEConfigPath.txt".

In this file locate the following lines:

  • Server_Listeners="XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX"
  • Mtftp_Listeners="XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX"

The IP Address in these two fields should be the correct current IP Address of the server on which this file is located.  Correct these lines to have the correct address or add them if they are missing.

Correct the database

The information contained in the config files is ultimately populated by information taken from the database, in the 'sbs_ServerList' table.  This table contains entries for all SBS servers, including their GUIDs and IP Addresses.  This table is populated when the SBS server first comes online and is populated with the information that is correct at that time.  There are various reasons that this information can be incorrect, from changes in the environment to multiple NICs on the servers.  If these entries are not corrected, then there it is likely that the config file information will be overwritten with the incorrect database information.

**Note: A quick way to check the information in this table is to view the PXE Server Configuration page in the console.  The 'PXE Servers' list at the bottom of this page will display the information in the 'sbs_ServerList' table.

If the database information is missing:

If the data populated in this table does not include an SBS Server's information, then it was - for some reason - not populated at the server's first attempt to register.  To populate this information, follow article TECH133451.

If the database information is incorrect:

If the information listed is incorrect in this table, it will need to be corrected to avoid perpetuation of incorrect data to the configuration files.  The 'sbs_ServerList' table will need to be modified to have the listed IP Address match the actual IP Address of the server.

**Note: The entries in the 'sbs_ServerList' table are listed by the resource's GUID, so the server's GUID will be needed to modify the table.

Applies To

DS 7.1


Server with net boot (PXE) services installed