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Why would Spectrum generate the "VSS Configuration Problem" alarm?


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CA Spectrum


There is monitoring in Spectrum of virtual chassis information.  When the configuration is not correct, an alarm can generate.

What criteria does Spectrum use to generate a VSS Configuration Problem alarm (0x10ff06)?


Release: SDBSFO99000-10.2-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-Server FOC


The alarm can generate when any of the following happen:

1.  On the VSS application model, Spectrum reads the cvsSwitchMode attribute to see if the device is part of a VSS. If it is, then Spectrum reads the chassis count. If the chassis count is 1, Spectrum will generate the alarm because there needs to be more than 1 chassis in a VSS configuration.

2.  If you model the VSS device and one of the chassis is down when you create the model .

3.  If you model the VSS device and there is more than 1 VSS configuration on the device.