DS7.1:Setting PXE Server Services to automatic startup (formerly included a now obsolete Hotfix installation)
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DS7.1:Setting PXE Server Services to automatic startup (formerly included a now obsolete Hotfix installation)


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Deployment Solution


DS 7.1 SBS (PXE) services are not started automatically because they are set to "manual".

SBS (PXE) services are not starting in the proper order.

DS 7.1 PXE servers installed on Site servers need service dependencies set properly, and automatic startup configured.


To avoid PXE conflicts with other PXE servers (i.e. DS 6.x), DS 7.1 SBS (PXE) services were intentionally set to "manual" during the installation of Deployment Solution and all Site Servers that receive the Deployment Task Handlers and become PXE Servers.


NOTE: There are 'Maintenance Relases' for Deployment Solution 7.1 that include this hotfix. Start the Symantec Installation Manager and click on 'View and Install Updates.'


The services should be set to autostart, and if possible, have Interface first, then server, then signal and TFTP.  This is optimal for good results, though normally any order works.  We have provided a script you can assign to the computer to do this automatically via a simple Task.  The script can also be copied to a stand-alone VBS if you would prefer.


Download the attached XML and import it into your console under Jobs and Tasks.  You can then assign it to any or all of your PXE servers. 




NOTE:  The "PXE_SVC.vbs" is no longer current (and is now internally available only) and is only needed for SMP SP1 and SP2.  SP3 and further no longer have an issue with Hotfix 51553 because it has now been included.  It should only be run if you are unable to upgrade.  An upgrade is highly recommended instead.  The hot fix patch installer file can be found here on the NS provided you have run the SIM to download the instalelr file(s): altiris_deploymentsolutiontaskserverhandler_7_1_kb51553_hf1_x86.msi.  The script must be run from the same folder containing the hot fix file and should be executed on the PXE Server.


Applies To

Deployment Solution 7.1


Set SBS Services to AutoStart with Dependencies.xml get_app
PXE_SVC.vbs get_app