DS7.1: The Deployment 'Task Handler' Folder is missing files and folders
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DS7.1: The Deployment 'Task Handler' Folder is missing files and folders


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Deployment Solution


After a new installation of Deployment Solution 7.1 (either upgrade from 7.0 or clean install) the '<Program Files>\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\Deployment\Task Handler\' folder is missing files and/or folders from the directory structure.

The correct default contents of the 'Task Handler' folder should look as follows:


This was likely caused by an issue with installation packages during the installation through the Symantec Installation Manager.


A manual run of the installer will correctly build the directory structure and populate it with the necessary files.  The installer package for these items should have been downloaded if the Altiris Deployment Solution product was selected to be installed from the Symantec Intallation Manager (SIM). 

  1. Navigate to "<Drive Letter>:\Program Files\Altiris\Symantec Installation Manager\Installs\Altiris"
  2. Run "altiris_deploymentsolutiontaskserverhandler_7_1_<VERSION>_x64.msi" verifying that the install location is correctly alligned to the NS and Deployment directories
  3. Run "altiris_deploymentsolutiontaskserverhandler_7_1_kb51553_hf1_x86.msi" (this is a package that is normally run at installation but needs to be applied once the directory is rebuilt, more info in TECH122309)  (This step may not be applicable if there are no HotFixes for your installed version)
  4. Verify that the Task Handler directories/files built correctly
  5. Verify that Symantec Netboot Services are present in the system services; the services are called "_Symantec_netBoot_Interface", "_Symantec_netBoot_Mtftp", "_Symantec_netBoot_NSiSignal", "_Symantec_netBoot_Server"  (For more information on netBoot services, see HOWTO216223)
  6. You may need to restart NS services in order for them to completely recognize the new files/services for Deployment Solution

 We've also found an issue where the WMI is damaged which will prevent a complete installation - actually it will roll-back the installation of the Task Handlers, leaving only the WAIK installed.  Please see TECH142575 for more information.

Applies To

Deployment Solution 7.1