Custom and standard/canned reports show duplicate computers in the results.
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Custom and standard/canned reports show duplicate computers in the results.


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IT Management Suite


Some of the standard or canned reports, as well as some of the reports created via the report builder, when run, show several duplicates of the same computer. For example the following report showed several computers that were listed 2-3 times in separate rows:
Reports > Assets and Inventoy > Inventory > Win32 > Operating System > Computer Summary (CPU, Memory, Disk and Network)

After running this report there may be duplicates as per the following screen shot:


1. The report in the example joins the table "inv_aex_ac_tcpip", which can, and usually does, contain duplicate entries of the same resourceguid for each IP address and or MAC address the computer has reported.  The report treats each instance as a new item or row.
2. The computers that show up multiple times probably have multiple NICs in them, or are hosting VMWare or some virtual machine hosting program, which creates virtual network adapters in the network neighborhood of the computer. As a result they are detected by hardware inventory as additional devices with their own addresses.


The reports can be cloned and edited to omit tables containing multiple (and different) entries for the same computer or, in the case where VMWare is common a clause can be added to the "Where" statement telling it to discount anything where the device column contains "VMWare%'

WHERE l1.[Device ID] = SUBSTRING(o1.[Install Path],1,2) 
AND d.[System Type] = 'Win32'  
AND t1.[Device] NOT LIKE 'VMware%'
AND i.[Name] LIKE '%ComputerName%' 
AND d.Domain LIKE '%Domain%' 
AND it.[Guid] = '%Collection%'
GROUP BY i.[Name], s1.Domain, s1.[Logon Name], t1.[IP Address], t1.[Default Gateway], t1.[Subnet], 
 s1.[System Type], sn1.[System Manufacturer], sn1.[Computer Model], sn1.[Serial Number],
 cpu.Type, cpu.[Speed], m1.[Total Physical Memory]/(1024 * 1024) + 1,
 cop.[OS Name], cop.Version, o1.[Service Pack], SUBSTRING(o1.[Install Path],1,2),
 l1.[File System], l1.[Size in MBytes], l1.[Free Space in MBytes] 
HAVING COUNT(t1.[IP Address]) > 1 
ORDER BY i.[Name]

This will eliminate many, but probably not all duplicates, because some computers may have multiple NICs which should be legitimately reported.

Applies To

Notification Server 6.0.5287, Inventory Solution for Windows 6.1