String values of "alertMessage" variable sent via SNMP traps by Symantec Scan Engine
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String values of "alertMessage" variable sent via SNMP traps by Symantec Scan Engine


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You need to know what all “alertMessage" strings are sent via SNMP traps by Symantec Scan Engine.



Below is the list of display string of the variable "alert message":


TRAP-TYPE Display string of the variable "alertmessage" in symcscan.mib
  A file has been scanned
  A URL has been scanned
systemInfectedFile An infection has been found
  A container violation has been found
systemFileAttributeViolation A file attribute violation has been found
systemURLAudit A URL audit detection has been found
systemURLBlock A URL violation has been found
systemDDRAudit A DDR audit detection has been found
systemDDRBlock A DDR violation has been found
systemScanError The Scan Engine has encountered a scan error
systemCriticalError The Scan Engine has encountered a critical error
systemCrash The Scan Engine has crashed
  There was a problem logging the following message to its destination
systemRPCMaxRetryFailure The Scan Engine queue is backing up due to a large number of requests
systemLicenseEvent A license is about to expire
  A license has expired
  The Scan Engine was unable to notify the Filer ™ that the scan had completed after the maximum number of retries
systemInfectionOutbreak An infection outbreak has been detected
systemVirusOutbreak A virus outbreak has been detected
systemMailPolicyViolation A mail policy outbreak has been detected
systemContainerLimitOutbreak A container limit outbreak has been detected
systemFileAttributeOutbreak A file attribute outbreak has been detected
systemMalformedContainerOutbreak A malformed container outbreak has been detected
systemURLBlockOutbreak A URL block outbreak has been detected
systemVersionInfo The Scan Engine component version information is provided
systemDefUpdate The Scan Engine has updated one of its definitions
systemDefRollback The Scan Engine has rolled back to the previous version of one of its definitions
systemDefRollbackFailed There was a problem rolling back one of its definitions
systemDefError There was an error running content update and current scan engine definitions are corrupt.
systemDefLUFailed There was an error running content update, scanning will continue using the original definitions
systemProductLUUpToDate A product LiveUpdate was initiated but the product was up-to-date
systemProductLUSuccess A product LiveUpdate was successful
systemProductLUFailed A product LiveUpdate has failed
systemStartUp The Scan Engine has just started up
systemShutDown The Scan Engine has been manually shut down
  The Scan Engine is logging statistics
  Access to a blocked file has been allowed.
  A spyware program has been found
  An adware program has been found
  A security risk has been found
systemFileNameExceeded The file name length has exceeded the configured value
systemRequestOutbreak Scan Engine has not received the configured average number of requests for a monitoring schedule.
systemScanThread The scanning feature seems to be hung or the scan engine is overloaded.
systemScanRequestRejected Scan request rejected.Server too busy.
systemRPCRetry Symantec Scan Engine has exceeded the maximum number of reconnect attempts and hence was disconnected from the RPC client
systemDefRapidReleaseFailed The Scan Engine has failed to update Rapid Release antivirus definitions.
systemWarning The Scan Engine has failed to set Rapid Release parameters.
systemSelfTestFileCreateError The Scan Engine has failed to create self scan test file.
systemUnknownAlgoritmWarning Symantec Scan Engine has detected an unknown algorithm while scanning a container file.
systemFileNotScanned Symantec Scan Engine has not scanned the file as its size exceeds the file size threshold.

The following trap types apply only to Symantec Scan Engine 5.2:

  • systemScanThread
  • systemSelfTestFileCreateError
  • systemWarning
  • systemRequestOutbreak
  • systemDefRapidReleaseFailed