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Symbolic variables in C1BMXJOB not resolving correctly and causing the job to abend before the ship can be done.


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When doing a package ship job the symbolics that are defined in the job C1BMXJOB are not being resolved at all.  They are staying to the value that is defined and not using the correct [email protected]  defined values.  The file is in the allocated library in the steplib and all indications are is that should allow the correct options to be used.


Component: ENDBAS


Skeleton C1BMXHJC in prefix.qual.NDVR.CSIQSENU was customized by adding a couple of /*ROUTE statements at the end.  

The problem was that the skeleton was missing the last statement ')IM [email protected]' which caused the problem.

Skeleton [email protected] sets values for symbolics like [email protected] which are used later during the JCL generation.  Since the symbols are not set correctly, they resolve to null and result in incorrect dataset names.