The Control Center login page fails to load
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The Control Center login page fails to load


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Messaging Gateway


When attempting to open the Messaging Gateway's Control Center login page, the page fails to load and no error is reported.

  • The web browser's status bar shows the page as continuously loading.
  • You have attempted to access the page with various web browsers and observed similar behavior.
  • The Control Center was accessible on previous occasions.
  • Restarting the Control Center service has not corrected the issue.



A corrupt table or tables within the MySQL database may cause the Control Center login page to not be displayed.


 Check for and repair corruption within the database:

  1. Log into the Command Line Interface (CLI) on the Control Center system as admin and run the command:

    cc-config database --repair 

    Note:  There a several tables which will give an error of :

    note     : The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair

    This message is normal and does not indicate an issue with the database tables.

  2. After the database repair has completed, restart the Control Center service with the command:   service controlcenter restart.
  3.   Attempt to load the Control Center page from within the web browser.

If no tables were repaired by the above command  and restarting the Control Center service doesn't rectify the issue, restart the Database service using the command: service mysql restart

If the problem still remains, please contact Broadcom Technical Support for further steps.