Information on spam volume and spam trends
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Information on spam volume and spam trends


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Where can I get information on an increase or decrease in spam volume or on current spam trends and threats?


The following Symantec links provide information regarding current spam trends and threats.

State of Spam
During the first week of each month Symantec issues a State of Spam Report summarizing the spam trends and email threats from the previous month. The State of Spam Report leverages security data from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network to keep you informed of the latest threats to your email. Download the current report and archived reports from

Brightmail IQ
Brightmail IQ is a public portal providing real-time global Symantec email and spam statistics at It provides the following information:

Spam Summary
- Global spam and email volume
- Spam categories, & content types
- New spam trends advisories, available via RSS feed

IP Reputation
- Global top sending and spamming IPs
- Searchable by IP
- Symantec reputation, RBL status
- Initiate investigation

Global Spam Percentage is also available at (click on the carousel below the graph to scroll to the third graph “365 Day Global Spam Percentage”)

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